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Eloise Delacroix, a spy masquerading as a courtesan, is determined to do whatever necessary to protect England and to prove that women deserve a place within the Foreign Office. When her career in espionage is compromised by her target, she blackmails him into acting as her protector.


Lord Ronan Tomar, the Marquess of Vaughn, wants nothing to do with the trivial life of the aristocracy. He would rather spend his time on the bow of a ship exploring the unknown. But then an unruly courtesan barges in and takes control of his social life. Worse, she's using his family as leverage to make him an accomplice to her schemes.


But neither can fight their growing attraction, and when their love is on the line, Eloise is left with a choice between doing what is right for England or doing what is right for her heart.


Seducing a Spy (London's Greatest Spies Book 1)

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